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website design process of web design company in China

Foreign trade website optimization four big characteristics

1, page code using

A use DIV+CSS to do. This makes it easier to search engine crawlers faster, smoother, more friendly to crawl pages themselves, at the same time using div+css layout mode can greatly reduce the size of the website webpage, the code more concise, fluent, to save space, improve the operating speed.

Two. Try to meet W3C standards, webpage code prepared to meet the W3C standards, can improve the website and search engine friendly degree, because the search engine included in the standard, ranking algorithm, is based on the W3C standard development.

Three. Use H1 H2 H3 label to page tagging, make the page more explicit structure

2, page design content and style

Web site design to minimize the use of video and flash. Because the search engine in the crawl the site information content, does not recognize the video and FLASH, but the video takes up a lot of space and download time, reduce the experience degree of the user, for the flash search engine crawlers is to pay no heed. In the enterprise so when considering foreign trade website, not for the sake of temporary flowery beauty, but abandoned the site functional practicality.

3, website static pseudo static address

? # & * - as the suffix URL address, the search engine is likely to determine whether such symbols as the trap or dead cycle, instead of crawling and crawl. But when the contents of the web for static treatment ( into . HTML like static URL ), which can greatly improve the search engines on the web content is indexed by speed. Also can improve the user visits the site speed is increased, while occupying a database with fewer resources, can support more people at the same time, visit the website.

4, the basic set

Optimized setting refers to the enterprises in the construction site for site META information layout and settings. Many enterprises in foreign trade website, not based on the optimal settings for optimal settings, in fact, effect is far greater than the later website promotion.