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There are many advantages for a company to own one independent website designed by a Chinese website design company.

1. Show the company's image on the internet like a pamphlet; Expand the business like business cards; Display contents like word/excel/ppt documents do;

2. Get rid of being too much reliant to B2B platforms;There are too many seller on B2B platforms or C2C,B2C platforms. As a result, buyers can compare many  sellers conveniently to cut down the price. What's more, you need to pay a lot of money every year to these platforms. However, you only need to pay a bit of domain and host.

3.It is easier to do online marketing by design an independent website, like SEO, Google adwords, facebook,youtube marketing etc.

By the way, if with enough capital, it would be better to combine both B2B platform and independent website. For example, you can promote your independent website on some B2B platforms.

More advantages to cooperate with us:

1. With short and meaningful domain name, it is easy for your customers to remember you;

2.Individual design, including the layout design, programming features all of which can be designed according to your requirements;

3. div+css for layout integration, fast website speed;

4. php+mysql programming , safe and stable, no need to worry about failing to load your site;

5. Convenient web management interface, almost everything can be managed from the web management interface and display on the front pages;Besides, the web management system is also very flexible for future developing;

6. Competitive and reasonable price, only $549 for the whole websites including domain name, host, design and programming and the source codes.  From the second year, there is about $100 for maintenance including host, domain and technical support. All the cost is much lower than that of B2B platforms.

7. The website 100% belongs to you, including domain name, host, design, programming and the source codes.

8. Guaranteed after-sale service: for any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are dedicated in this international service.

9. Last, you can gain 10% commission for introducing friends who need websites.

Hope to cooperate with you for a long time!


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