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FAQ (website design knowledge)
1. I want to design a website, what do I need to do?
If you want to design a website for your company or yourself, you can think about what styles of website it should be and check some competitors' sites for reference. Then we will talk more details about the website planning, design and programming.

2. how much is a website?
For most company portal or products show style products, the price is $200-$600;
For e-commerce style websites, the price is $500-$1000.

3.How long does it take to develop a website?
The developing time is about 15-30 days.

4.How can I pay for your website design service?
We accept T/T, western union, Paypal and credit card payment method.

5.If I buy the domain name and host by myself, can you reduce some price?
Yes, if you buy the domain name and host, we can reduce the price to some extent.

7. What programming language and technics  do you use?
We develop the website by php, mysql, div , css, javascript etc.

8. What tool do you use for designing the layout?
We use photoshop to design the layout. if you can design the layout by yourself, we can reduce the website's price to some extent, too.