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Similar to enterprise websites, products display websites are designed to display company information, focusing on product categories, more like an online  catalog and price list.

A products catalog website displays the company's product catalog in categories. When a customer requests a catalog, the website can be sent to the customer to browse the products.  It is quite convenient for business communication.

website design price: 2800-6800RMB. The basic one is 2800rmb for normal columns, such as home, about us, products, news, contact us pages. The home page is custom designed. The other pages use one theme.  If each page needs to be custom designed as special page,  it costs 1500rmb for one more page, including 500rmb copywriting, 500rmb graphic design, 500rmb front end html codes.  If customers can offer copywriting in axure format (to display the contents & layout) or no special requirments in copywriting, then only 1000rmb/page.
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