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In real work, we will all experience that many brand websites are updated once a year, half a year, or even a quarter. Why is this?
"Because they have achieved significant economic benefits through the internet, they have paid so much attention to the internet and made their enterprises become top-notch brands through the internet.". In the network era, the speed of website updates can reflect the strength of an enterprise. Corporate website revisions must reposition the website's goals, focusing not only on visual (web design) modifications, but also on structural and functional improvements. Thereby obtaining a higher competitive advantage in online marketing.
Q: What aspects should be considered for website modification?
Answer: For website revision, it is necessary to re plan the overall website and reposition its goals. It includes visual and functional extensions. The future development dynamics of the enterprise should be included in it.
Q: Why should the corporate website be revised?
Answer: Different enterprises have different purposes for revision, but one thing is the same: they are more prominent among peers and occupy a stronger competitive advantage.
Q: Is there any difference between a website modification and a new website?
Answer: There is no difference in essence, but if there were websites before, the revised version would definitely improve the corporate network image. It also has certain advantages in network promotion.
Q: What information should be provided for website modification?
Answer: When you choose to upgrade your website, we will conduct an overall analysis of your old website. At that time, you must provide a revised requirements document (design requirements and functional changes)
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