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Face the serious competition

Nowadays, we often heard that the competition is becoming more and more serious in our field. Yes, it is true for almost every field , every industry that competition is becoming fierce.

Then is there an industry with less competition? Garment factories, toys factories, web design companies, shipping agencies, foreign trade companies, decoration companies, shops, online shops, designers are thousands, even millions.  As the competition is becoming fierce, the cost, especially labor cost is increasing which makes small business more and more difficult. That’s why we see a lot of shop owners make over their shops to others.
However, we still need to face the reality and endeavor to develop better and better. At least, we need to make good use of our time to study and work hard to improve ourselves and our business. Then, it would be appreciated if we can be more creative and innovation-minded. In that case, our business can survive and develop better under serious competition environment.  Wish our customers can do good jobs and succeed in competition.
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