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GOOGLE skill, easy to find customers!!!!!

Today I hope share some ideas&help how to find customer by google.

1 "Many countries buyers with some public mailbox system,
such as India's
That then we can use the little mouse sign and you want to find product name written in GOOGLE.COM search box. Lucky you will find many buyers, little also can have one or two. Example: such as I will look for sexy lingerie India buyer, can this: in GOOGLE.COM input @ sexy lingerie.
2 "There is any goods Which are famous brand enterprise, especially the top, at this time you can search his Distributor or input Dealer, etc. General five top or name brand enterprise will put their world distributors on his web site. Then we can search their website and got the contact details
3 "General buyers will be in some commerce b2b platform website registered, such as Aliexpress then put his company name or email in GOOGLE. General will come out in the site registered. Open the B2B website then you and found that many of the big fish waiting for you.

4 "General every country will have their own famous search engines.such as Russia search engine Yandex You open it then input search.You will find many big native buyers.
5 "General every country company name suffix is different, such as China used is Co., LTD that Such as the United States INC, LLC, etc., Italy S.R.L habit; Spain used to S.P.A. and then put the product name , or product which belongs to a wide range of name lost in, general also can appear many customers

[q: In other countries use search engine, those language oneself also don't know how to do ah???????
Foreign language can use online translation. Of course the general to line translation only six languages. To Thai ah, Vietnam and so on.. You can through the sample websites to find which product keywords, the template web site or through your hands have already a customer's site in the country, or the product categories input GOOGLE, in the name of the country, you can find famous enterprise website, general specified enterprise will be in key market language do a independent website , like the Great Wall of China automobile, Arabic language, this is we can directly copy it.
Public email a lot and everyone more is to rely on their own summary. Through the others said some little skill, he can take him to the extension is very wide.
Said several foreign customers commonly used email index
Pakistan @
Oman @
Italian @ libero.It
South Africa's @ webmail.
New Zealand @ xtra.
The @ Singapore
Of course is the most commonly used
Many, many in fact need everyone to expand, others just provide a direction
6 "search industry exhibition, of course, everyone knows it. Here I don't refer to the very famous exhibition, because famous everyone know, go To search the regional, such as in Europe is very famous, but did not affect the world, this exhibition also have a lot of big buyers. Method is input product category name, add to the show, or fair. And word. Find their web site, the general will have the exhibitors list, direct copy came in cutting Google then find mailbox, some even have their own mailbox put up, also saved a lot of energy.
Welcome everybody communication, knowledge is used to share, wisdom is endless, fear of others more than you are inferior performance. So I hope everyone can in this platform, contribute more, so get more.
7 "countries administrated yellow pages, which everyone again all know.. The key is to pick high-quality goods. A lot of garbage yellow pages, many summarizes such content comrades. Always lists a heap of, good or bad, some even they can't open web site. Very difficult. In this I try to write a few very good, I believe some people know about it. But the method is recycled, such as in the yellow pages to find the customer, you can use a few I said method, the customer company name on GOOGLE in the search, and will come out surprise.
A: < > good Pakistan yellow pages, there are really the customer. After opening point business catalogue, into after the input product name search. Will come out a lot of customers, these customers will patient one to click on query, there are many have mailbox. Of course no mailbox also can put their company name input GOOGLE in the search. < >
8 "to published close test engine key two:
1) < >
2) < >
The two estimates are mostly know, the inside of the customer a few enough to find a the < >, good yellow pages
B: < >, Spain engine
C: < >, the Arab engine
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