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HowVi website & graphic design

HowVi website & graphic design
Design a personal website for your IP branding and improve in career.
Display your resume; Share your experience & talents; Accumulate your fans; Increase your branding Value and Salary from 2023...
It is quite an interesting thing to work overseas, like in China. Millions of foreign talents come to China for work or business travel.  Jobs vary from teachers to businessmen, engineering, doctors, officials, markeing, sales and so on.  It is easy to hunt for a job in China, but it is also difficult to come across a fantastic job. There is a saying nowadays that everyone is a saleman. Beside selling some goods online or offline, hunting for a job is also a sales work.  It is wise to sell ourselves at a good price.  For some professionalists with sales&marketing philosophy, they start to build their branding from designing a personal website to market themselves on the internet. Create a personal website.  Share your working experience and talents. Make others know more about you to gain trust.  One  black lady did so and increase her monthly income from 18,000rmb to 30,000rmb.  She shared her experience how to jump to a higher income job in China. In short, we need branding with our experience and talents to make the employers think that we worth the higher salary.
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