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Why choose HowVi for web design in Guangzhou China?

HowVi is dedicated in web design over 5 years. The upmost mission is to design and develop websites for customers in Guangzhou and all over the world to help customers to expand market and sales. Most of our customers are doing international business, no matter they are Chinese or foreigners in China or foreigners in America, Europe, Australia etc.

To help customers, we do the following things:

1. Lowest prices - many web design companies charges very high by saying that they develop high-end websites. In fact, the real reason is the cost is high and they want to earn more profit, especially from foreign customers. However, HowVi offers the lowest prices. For promotion, only $200 to custom design a enterprise website. For advanced features, the prices may be a little higher, but generally between $200-$500 (¥1200-¥3000). After comparison with 3-5 website designers, you can see our prices are the lowest. What's more, we do not charge any annual fees. That is to say, you paid us once, no need to pay any fee to us in the future year after year, or month after month.  You apply domain name and host from some suppliers like bluehost , goddady, bigrock etc..You only need to pay less than $50/year to domain and host suppliers, no other annual cost. So how can howvi offer such low prices. It is simple. On the one hand, we never earn excessive profit, on the other hand we control the cost  by renting cheaper industrial office at suburb instead of in the downtown area.Besides, we keep simple and unadorned, never purchase some facial equipment. What's more, we do free internet marketing and public praise marketing except some google adwords. As a result, our prices are almost the cost.

2. Directly contacting designer or developer - Our customers can directly contact our designer or developer about project. Many web design companies recruit some sales girl or sales man communicating with customer. Technician has no privilege to get in touch with customers. That is to avoid programmers or designers  do projects outside company. However, we have no sales man or girl. Customer directly contact our project manager or designers. Or our sales are chosen from designers or programmers, no sales who do not know design or programming.

3.International style design -We are a team of experienced Web Designers in Guangzhou who have designed high quality cost effective websites for businesses in various verticals and from various parts of the world.

4. Effective customer service - 24*7 available; Customers can contact us by Skype , QQ, Email or phone. If something need to talk face to face, we can also come to visit you if in Guangzhou or Foshan.

Skype: robinchen1984
QQ: 915938848 , 1916097672

HowVi business range: web design, website design, website programming, website layout design, website logo design, website banners design, and internet marketing advice for customers in Guangzhou and worldwide. 

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